Where Did I go Wrong?

I see you, Sis, asking yourself this question.

You’re wondering where did you go wrong? You’ve been hurt countless times so much it seems you’ve given up on love.

You’ve dished out and you’ve taken a lot.

I know you tried.

You tried so hard to be the best woman you could be to that man but he didn’t see it.

You were selfless, sacrificing, tolerant, and forgiving so many times.

You took the abusive words. You even took the blows to your head.

You took on more than your share of the household duties, working and slaving while he laid up in your house not willing to do anything.

“Where did I go wrong?” you say. He wasn’t the same man you fell in love with.

When you finally had enough, you got out, and in the nick of time. But soon after you meet another guy who sweeps you off your feet. You fall in love, and get married this time only to soon find out he is no better for you than the last. Now, you’re playing roller coaster with your emotions again.

All of a sudden, you finally wake up and leave the second nightmare.

But, hey! “Third times the charm!” That’s what they say, plus you’re not getting any younger, “Let me see what this dude is talking about,” you reason — not realizing that it’s happening all over again.

Again, you find yourself wondering, “Where did I go wrong?”

“Why can’t I be happy?”

“Don’t I deserve a little happiness?”

My sister, you deserve so much more than happiness. You deserve a life full of joy and marital bliss. And, I’m here to tell you it’s possible.

You don’t need a man to be happy.

You need a man to be “a man.”

But you haven’t been entertaining “real” men at all.

Could it be that the reason you couldn’t hear the sirens going off warning you of impending danger in your previous relationships is because you were dull of your spiritual hearing?

When we find ourselves in cycles, we have to look within ourselves to see what needs to be healed and changed.

I will soon teach more about spiritual deafness and your ability to hear God speak clearly as it relates to your relationship problems. So, be on the lookout for the teaching here on the blog coming soon.

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Grace, Love, and Peace to you until next time.

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