Top 2 Things You Can Do to Attract Your King

Are you tired of attracting guys who don’t value your worth? Here are two things you can do to avoid them and get the attention of a man worth your time.⁣

  1. Fall madly in love with the King of kings: The only way to know your worth and attract the right man is to get on fire for God. I’m not talking about casual dating singing along with the Internet Praise Team on Sunday. I’m talking about a smokin’ hot, passionate love affair where you wake up thinking about Jesus and can’t start your day without being in His Presence! God will begin to show you who you really are, what you truly deserve, and what you’re worth to Him once you develop real intimacy with God.⁣
  2. Start serving in the Kingdom: Once you’ve established history with the Lover named Jesus, now it’s time to pour out what you’ve been given. Find an outlet to express your creativity and share your love for Christ with others. My man found me doing just that. It’s one of the ways God positions you to be found. Plus, you can’t beat God’s giving; the more you give, the more He’ll give to you!⁣

    Remember, you’re a Queen who deserves a King. Don’t settle for anything less! ⁣

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