It Doesn’t Work Like That

The gift of marriage is based on favor. God blesses at His own will. ⁣

There is no amount of praying for a husband, or being good to get a husband that will convince God to send him into your life sooner. ⁣

It doesn’t work like that. ⁣

God is the one who decides it’s not good for man to be alone. In the meantime, redirect your focus. ⁣

My husband found me happily working in my field or calling. I wasn’t idle or moping. ⁣

In your time of need, be a supplier of needs. Occupy and make fruitful your single season. ⁣
Treasure, nurture, appreciate, and honor your gift of singleness. ⁣

It’s only when you’re faithful over what you’ve been given will more be given to you.

How are you stewarding well your single season? If you’re not, how will you?👇🏽⁣

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