Day 4: Reflection

Welcome to Day 4: Reflection

There are many ways to access the Secret Place, you can be anywhere, doing anything and just like that you can be taken into the Spirit. 

Day 4 is the half way mark of the 2020 Secret Place 7 Day Challenge to catch up, go back or reflect on the previous days and apply the principles to any where you are, no matter what you’re doing. Remember this, you don’t have to be loud or prove anything when you pray; you are praying in secret to your Father. 

So you can be at your desk, cooking dinner, at the shop, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you can access the Secret Place by running into the arms of Jesus and letting Him love and console you. Like Mary Magdalene, you can stop time wherever you are to pour your soul in humility and worship at Jesus feet. And, you can revere Him in quiet solitude through soaking, waiting on Him to manifest, speak, or reveal. 

20 minutes is just a starting point, but use it to ignite holy hunger in you to go deeper in spending quality time with the Lover of your soul. 

Go deeper, my friend, into the Secret Place.

About the 2020 Secret Place 7 Day Challenge:

Give the first 7 days of the new year to God to hide yourself in God’s Secret Place for you. Nothing can harm you there. Only love awaits you there. All you need is 20 minutes two times a day to strengthen your relationship with God, empower yourself to walk away from toxic relationships, and prepare yourself to discern and embrace true love. Welcome to the Challenge!

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