Can You Hear God Now?

If you find that you’ve been missing the mark in regards to romance, you may just have a hearing problem – a spiritual hearing problem. It’s okay, because I’m here with the help of God to troubleshoot your discernment, fine tune it and get it on track.

God desires to be a part of every aspect of your life and He wants you to hear what the Spirit has to say to you about your romantic relationships. Oftentimes, we do not involve God in the process of mate selection, and we end up with people we regret connecting with.

God is the one who created relationships, he is the one who instituted marriage, so it is only reasonable that we invite Him in the process of choosing a companion. When you implement strategies on your own to attract an interest, you forfeit the best tactic of attracting a mate, and that strategy is God’s own handwriting in your love story. God’s love story for you is a destiny that is beautifully detailed and orchestrated. God has dreams for you, that includes you having a future spouse. Are you willing to hear it? Invite God to be your matchmaker.

He wants to speak to you one on one. He does not want you to rely on the middleman, a.k.a. prophets & prophetesses, to tell you who your spouse is. In other words, you should be able to hear God for yourself. I believe in prophecy, but there are times like these when deciding upon who you should marry, that you should be able to hear God speak clearly and directly to you. This is your life, a decision you must make, not your pastor, not your prophet, not your mama, not your auntie, not your uncle, not your daddy, sister, brother, cousin, niece, nephew, friend, nor pal. It is to your benefit to be able to hear and recognize God speaking to you. You will begin to have clarity. You will not rely on other people to tell you what to do. You will finally have peace. You must open the door and invite God in to be your matchmaker in your mate selection process.

God is concerned about every little detail of your life, no matter how small it is, or how silly it may seem to you. That is how much He loves you. Listen, whatever you are concerned about, He is concerned about too. If you are concerned that you will never have a good man, guess what? God is concerned about that too.

If you want to know if the guy you like is the one. Should you be talking to anyone and everybody about that? No! God is concerned that you make the right decision irrespective of the opinions of anyone else. You need to be in a place where you can clearly hear his voice. You need to be in the Secret Place daily. Relationships are serious and who you choose as your life partner can mean the difference between life and death, bliss or misery, happiness or heartache. You need to take this seriously and be proactive in your dating life. Do not just let any fella that comes along and show interest in you sweep you off your feet. Put your head on in the game. Ask yourself, “What does this guy have to offer me?” Don’t you know, you deserve to have the best a man can bring? Do not just let any guy walk into your life. Take control of your destiny.

Many times, we get into the wrong relationships because we cannot hear God speaking concerning the guy, we are interested in. What clutter are you experiencing that is keeping you from hearing God concerning your relationships? Stop talking to your bestie, cousin, coworker, mama, etc. and get on your knees and start inquiring of the Lord your God. He has a lot to say about the matter, but you cannot hear because of the clutter of other voices around you and in your head. Clear away the debris from your ears so you can hear from God for yourself.

Do not just take anyone’s advice. Listen, I love my family, but I cannot go to them for advice, because I aim to break the pattern of bad relationships I received from being in that culture or environment. So, seek someone spiritual to teach you, that has the victory already, someone who is anointed for the job. Do not depend on friends and relatives for advice, they are still struggling themselves. Hear God for yourself. Self-deliverance is possible, but you must apply yourself. Educate yourself, through your own study. Seek wise counsel.

These are things you can start doing now to educate and feed your spirit to have greater discernment.  Listen to people who have authority on the subject matter, feed yourself the Word, read and study related scriptures about what you’re dealing with, and pray those same scriptures back to God, fast, and pray to silence the clutter. Some things do not get corrected in the Spirit until you make a sacrifice. Whatever fasting with prayer looks like for you, make that sacrifice to put carnality on notice, that enough is enough, that you are not listening to the clutter anymore.

You must be deliberate in your search for the truth regarding your relationship. You must be deliberate in hearing God’s voice. That is the only way you are going to be free.

Spend quiet time just waiting and soaking in His Presence. Sometimes, we just need to be quiet and wait, take out some time and say, “Speak, Lord, your handmaid is listening.” This is how you open your spiritual ears. The scripture says, He that has an ear, but I’m saying today, she that has an ear, let her hear what the Spirit has to say.

You see, God is constantly speaking to you 24/7 and when your ears are opened to hear Him, you will no longer tolerate the clutter and the foolishness that the enemy tries to put in your ear to keep you stagnant in the Spirit, and that hinders you from entering into a god-ordained union, or that sabotages your relationships. Listening to clutter will do one of two things. It will either convince you right out of your blessing, or it will give you the wrong advice and lead you into a cursed union. That is why you need God’s discernment. Pray for His discernment, Sis.

Did you know that spiritual hearing problems can transfer to physical hearing problems? You have listened to clutter so long that it has drifted you away from God’s voice. And now you are suffering problems with your ears, experiencing excessive earwax stopping up your ears, or ringing in the ears. It is because whatever is happening in the spirit, starts to manifest in the natural. If you want soundness and harmony in your physical body, first get your spirit right.

To get right, you must denounce those things that has been cluttering your spirit. How do you do that? Acknowledge that it was wrong for you to give access to people who could not help you. You must shut that door because you opened it. So, when they offer their two cents. Correct it on the spot. No, I appreciate your efforts to help me, but I realize that this is something that God and I must work out. And you can say that to the clutter in your head, I recognize what voice you are, and your reasoning is wrong. Get thee behind me Satan! After you denounce, you then must renounce. Meaning now that you have put your foot down, it stays down. No more reneging on familiarity when you are faced with a decision or a temptation. You said you do not need their advice, now keep them out of your business at all costs. So, you have no other choice but to go to God and to find a real solution to your problem.

Stop refusing to pay attention by ignoring the signs God gives you to detour from a relationship. Do not stop your ears by ignoring the loud cry to repent of your ways. If you have been in countless bad relationships, then your ears have been stopped up because you did not hear God’s direction. When there is no clutter and God speaks, there is something engrained in your spirit that causes you to yield to His voice.

When there are blockages and chitter chatter in your environment, it causes you not to hear and listen to God, but through the power in the blood of Jesus, today, I silence the clutter in your ears hindering you from hearing what the Spirit has to say about you, your life, and your relationships. According to Matthew 13:15, I command your heart to understand and your ears to hear so you can turn to God and He can heal you. I say to ears, Ephphatha, be opened today. Heart be softened and absorbent to the will of God and to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Say this prayer: “Lord, according to Psalm 51:10-12, create in me a clean heart, renew a right spirit within me, cast me not away from your presence and don’t take your Holy Spirit away from me. I repent of trying to get a man on my own. I repent of turning the blind eye to the red flags you showed me and I repent of turning a deaf ear to your voice sent to steer me away from wrong relationships and guide me to the right ones. I’m willing now to hear, listen, turn and obey, according to Zechariah 7:11, that I may be healed of relationship hurt and pain, and receive the promise of a beautiful romance handcrafted and curated by You, Father. Restore the joy of my salvation and the wonderful fellowship I have with you, My Maker and Husband. Uphold me with your free spirit that I remain free from evil soul ties, and generational curses. I invite you to come in and be my matchmaker. For whom God puts together, no one can put asunder. And I know you will send the right one to me at the right time. Nothing and no one can stop it. My blessing will overshadow and overtake me in the mighty name of Jesus I pray, Amen.”

Lord, any attempt of the enemy to clutter and clog the ears of your daughters from hearing your voice in their lives and concerning relationships, by the authority invested in me, I pull down those strongholds today, I cast down those arguments and every high thing exalting itself against the knowledge of God, and I bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. No longer will they listen to the clutter, no longer will they put up with the foolishness, no longer will they demean their value settling for less than the best God offers them in a life partner. No weapon formed against them will prosper, and with the righteous indignation of God I silence and condemn to hell every tongue warring against their future marital bliss, never to be reassigned again in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Every wile, tactic of the devil to thwart their destiny in marriage, block with the shield of faith, Lord and cast those demons into the dry place, never to return. In the matchless name of Jesus!

She that has an ear, let her hear what the Spirit says to the Church, to the Bride. You my dear are already a wife. You are the Bride of Christ. You are His own. Those that belong to Christ, hear His voice, and another they will not follow. From now on you will be able to hear God clearly. You will begin to seek God early in the morning and hear Him speak clearly. Early in the morning means before the devil comes with his plots and schemes. You will begin to seek God early, before the devil has a chance to bamboozle you with a counterfeit. God will have already instructed you on how to avoid the trap. May the word of God be unmistakably obvious in your lives today. Daughter, may you walk down the path God has for you because you clearly what the Spirit is saying. My you know His voice.

Thank you, Father, that you bend down to listen to everyone that seeking you regarding a mate. Thank you for seeing their tears and hearing their cry. When they were tempted, you held onto them, so they would not fall. Thank you, Lord, for meeting their needs, preparing them for, and sending them their husbands. Thank you, Lord, for rewarding them for you are Faithful. Thank you that you are an on-time God. Their blessing is for an appointed time and I thank you for giving your daughters peace knowing it will be release in you perfect timing and they will have the petitions they have asked of You, in the mighty name of Jesus.

I pray as their ears have been opened that you release in them discernment and the spirit of discernment that they will know where you lead them, to whom they should open up their hearts to, to whom they should keep their hearts closed to, to who is for them, and to who is against them. I pray that they are able to handle with care the opportunities you place before them in regards to relationships, and that they shun all appearance of evil to remain holy vessels for the Master’s use, in Jesus Name, Amen.

Can you hear God now? As you begin to hear and listen to God speak clearly concerning the relationships you enter, offer up thanksgiving, because it is truly a blessing to be able to hear God speak.

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Thank you and God bless you!


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