Hey, is this something you’re struggling with?

  • You seem to be attracting the wrong men.
  • You never seem able to hold on to a boyfriend for more than two months before realizing there’s a lot of red flags.
  • You ignore the red flags and settle just because you need a man.
  • You seem to find yourself in troubling relationships and are wondering what’s wrong with these men, or better yet, “what’s wrong with me?”
  • You’re wondering why “the one” hasn’t found you.
  • You find yourself saying yes to the first guy that shows interest in you without screening him for compatibility.

If that’s what you’re struggling with, you don’t have a dating problem, you have a relationship problem and it’s not with the men that are in your life, it’s with God.

You may need to do some soul searching to find out what is in you that these counterfeits are attracted to because it’s getting in the way of the God-sent finding you.

You may need to do some soul healing if you find that you end up giving up your goods (if you know what I mean) before you really know a person.

That’s why I created Secret Place Encounters, a 1:1 mentorship that propels you out of all the negativity of your past, and catapults you into an exciting journey doing life with God and preparing you for your God-sent man (even if you feel like he’ll never find you).

This is what you will learn

  • How To Forgive Yourself After a Fall
  • How to Avoid Mr. Wrong
  • What to do to Attract Your God-sent Man

Imagine being in a relationship with a man who doesn’t take you away from God but encourages you to get closer to Him. That’s the kind of relationship you deserve. You deserve someone who knows his role and doesn’t take God’s place in your life. You deserve someone who will pray for you and emotionally support you. You deserve God’s best. He’s saying it’s yours for the asking. But He wants something in exchange. He wants you. He wants your all. He wants your attention, your devotion, your love unfeigned. He wants your priority.

Secret Place Encounters is perfect for you if…

  • You need dating advice from a godly perspective.
  • You desire change and need some accountability to keep you on track with keeping dating integrity, your self-esteem, and values in check.
  • You need mentorship in walking with God intimately to become reliant on Him for your validation instead of looking for it in a relationship.

Secret Place Encounters is my highest form of transformation program, a 7-week system where you get unlimited messages and weekly video calls from me, to boost you whenever you’re feeling discouraged or lost. You get support from a community of like-minded women who love God, and you get exercises and tools (including a journal handcrafted by yours truly) to use to build your faith and trust in God. You get my undivided attention for nearly 2 months to coach you through these tough moments in life for a value of $1000.  (Payment plan is available.)

So that you can be ready to embark on transformation, set aside time for this experience.

I don’t promise that you’ll find a man. I promise that you’ll be prepared for the man. Don’t settle for a cheap relationship when you know you’re meant for more!

Know what you want and be intentional in your dating instead of randomly letting yourself be selected and groping at whatever shows up on your doorstep.

Position yourself for the best

to find you through getting your spirit, mind and soul in the right space with yourself. It starts with being in the right space with God. When you love God, you can love yourself.

And, you can love yourself to know what you deserve and what you don’t deserve out of a relationship, (you deserve gold out of a relationship instead of rubbleso you won’t blindly enter into a relationship that’s going nowhere because it doesn’t serve your purpose.

I understand it’s scary. I understand you feel like you have to settle for less because nobody else is looking at you. I get it. And it feels like because this is the only person looking at you that you have to give him everything. I’m here to tell you, you don’t. There is Someone who is always looking out for you, Someone who is always wanting the best for you, Someone who loves you so deeply that He never wants to see you hurt again. And, you need to get into a relationship with Him before you can ever realize you were ever meant for so much more than slimy sleazeball over there.

If you’re ready for change, click Secret Place Encounters below.

I also offer a condensed version of my masterpiece program and it’s called Kingdom Come. This 2-week program provides you with tools you need to succeed and with the same benefits as Secret Place Encounters, you’re sure to experience transformation with a shorter turnaround for only $600. (Payment plan is available). Click Kingdom Come below! 

My 1-hour mentoring session called Rapture Moments is just what you need for a power-packed meeting of clarity. Just an hour of your time can set you on the right path to loving yourself, breaking sexual soul ties, and discovering your potential through Christ. The value of Rapture Moments is $100 per session. Click below to sign up!

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